Primorye is a very unique mountain region of Russia with scenically attractive bright landscapes of the Ussuri Taiga and picturesque views of the Sea of Japan.

Come to discover wild Russia with Bohai LLC, the company of young and energetic professionals. You will remember this adventure for a lifetime!

Our tours

Primorye is a very unique mountain region of Russia with scenically attractive bright landscapes of the Ussuri Taiga and picturesque views of the Sea of Japan.
It is the unique place on Earth where you can find either Northern and present-day species of flora and fauna, or Southern and pre-glacier ones.
Favorable climate, combination of rock massifs and sea landscapes, limestone caves and ancient silent volcanoes, lotus lakes, mountain rivers with waterfalls, exuberant flora and fauna allow to develop ecotourism, wildlife photography, fishing, river rafting, as well as mushroom, berries and taiga healing herbs picking.
The vast areas of our region safekeeped their stunning primeval beauty thanks to a poor transport infrastructure.
Cozy bays with sparkling beaches, the Sea of Japan waters with high salt concentration; various mineral springs provide favorable conditions for treatment and relaxation.
Primorsky krai has an amazing history that goes back centuries and epochs!
Some natural landmarks are really valuable, although they are not included into the list of historical heritage protection objects due to the absence of proper information, because of a distant location to areas of their location. It refers to such objects as mysterious towns of Atlantes and the Castles of Dragons. Who and when left those ancient traces? Who erected the Dragon monument in the similarly-named town? What civilization built an lookout station on the top of the Peak of Castles? Who distributed – over the tops of mountains – so called “seids”, stones polished by somebody, extraordinary hanging over the steep slopes.
Also Bokhai state left its trace. These are places of real significant archeological value. The sites of ancient settlement, Buddha temples, yew trees planted in regular rows and hydro technical ancient constructions leading towards Petrov island.
Ruins of Stalin times’ camps, abandoned towns and settlements, built for the Soviet industry support; earth-and-timber bunkers on bay banks and military fortresses on the tops of mountains remind us of the great and military past of the USSR.
We offer our dear guests to immerse into the atmosphere of wild virgin lands, where the quantity of animals in the forest exceeds human population of our region. Lands – where ancient way of life still exists in harmony with nature. Being there in magic forest silence you will forget about all your problems; enjoy breathing taiga fresh air. You will also turn off your mobile phones and start gaining strong energy to accumulate enough healing power which will support your health for a long time.

Popular tours


Description: Fishing tour to the wild Bikin river (Bikin National Park, North of Primorye) to the very heart of taiga, with accommodation in a real hunter’s cabins. A journey on boats throughout taiga along with Udeghe hunters and rangers. Watching animals (tiger, bear, Manchurian deer, wild boar, deer, elk, fox, wolf, and small furbearers, birds) from the boats. You can’t watch the tiger but you can hear him and feel the presence. There is a fish: taimen, grayling, pike, trout, catfish, carp, eel.
Duration: 9 days/8 nights
Group size: 4-6 persons
Recommended period

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Description: Leisure tour to Okunevaya Bay, Nakhodka, Primorye. Amazing beaches, wild forest, birds’ watching, snorkeling, diving, sea fishing, boat trips, SUPs, sunbath.

Duration: 8 days/7 nights
Group size: 4-6 persons
Recommended period for travelling: June – September
USD 2350/person (4-6 PAX)
USD 2900/person (3 PAX)
USD 3500/person (2 PAX)…

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Description: Hidden away in the temperate forests of the incredible Russian Far East are two of the world’s rarest and most elusive animals in the whole world. The Siberian tiger is the largest species of cat in the world and the Amur leopard is the rarest subspecies of cat in the world. Both beautiful and elusive these big cats hang onto life in a couple of remote locations in Russia. This tour takes you into the heart of these protected areas and whilst we admit the chances of seeing either species are very slim we aim to increase the…

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Description: Sikhote Alin is a biosphere reserve in Primorsky krai, one of the most beautiful reserves in Russia. Here the wild taiga meets the Sea of Japan. There is a wide variety of different species of flora and fauna. Animals: Bears, wild boars, roes, deer, speckled deer, red fox, badger, raccoon dog, lynx, wolf, tiger, spotted seal. Beautiful walking trails, landscapes, observation towers, birds’ watching, boat trips. About 20 Amur tigers live here.
Duration: 9 days/8 nights
Group size: 2-6 persons…

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Winter Taiga Tour

Description: Eco-tour to the very heart of the Ussuri taiga with accommodation at health resorts situated by mineral springs, with ecological trips through forests, along sea bays, to caves, mountains, rivers, waterfalls, wildlife reserves, and historical sites.
Itinerary: Vladivostok Airport – Nakhodka city – “Gornovodnoye” Resort facility – Lazovsky and Olginsky districts (off-site excursions) – Dalnegorsk city – Vladivostok Airport.

Duration: 9 days/8 nights

Groupsize: 1 – 15 members

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Summer village tour

Tour description: Ecological tour to a real Russian village with accommodation in village houses, running village life, getting to know the ancient Russian traditions, and trips to the rivers, lakes, seashore, and historical sites. Singing fresh air, endless forests and fields, the rivers with crystal pure water suitable for drinking, a variety of animals and birds, true Russian hospitality, the remoteness from civilization–all the tour features will help you relax after the hustle and bustle of the city, have a rest, and gain mental and physical strength for future achievements.

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Summer taiga tour

Description: Ecological tour to the very heart of the Ussuri taiga, with accommodation in  health resorts situated by the mineral healing springs, with ecological trips through forests, along seashores, caves, mountains, rivers, waterfalls, reservations, and historical places.

Itinerary: Vladivostok Airport – Nakhodka – “Gornovodnoye” resort facility – Lazovsky and Olginsky Areas (off-site excursions) – Vladivostok Airport

Duration: 11days/10nights
Group size: 1 – 15 persons

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Individual tours

We organize individual ecological tours of any complexity within Primorsky region, such as: multi-day camping tours in the footsteps of taiga explorers, week-long mountain river rafting tours, trips to villages isolated from civilization wild fishing on hard-to-reach Bikin river with delivery to winter cabins on Udege boats. You will be accompanied by  the experienced fishermen. Please, send your preferences to our e-mail, and we will provide you with your itinerary details, as well as our enquiry within the shortest possible time.

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Feedback about us

Ms.Margaret Peavy Powers, the USA

I so enjoyed my time with you and Vitaly! Y’all are so much fun to be with…and the perfect hosts!  You live in such a beautiful/natural part of the world! We need to get the word out!!! So I will mention you and your company!

Mr. Jan Flaischmann, Sweden

The adventure in Russia Far East. In beginning of March 2018 I returned to Primorsky Krai and Vladivostok almost 17 years since I came there to make photostories about tye city, the persons and the Amur tigers kept in a large enclosure by the biologist Victor Yudin in the village Gaiveron near China. This time I travelled in arrangement of Olga and her agency Bohai Tour. With two other persons. We were tracking the elusive Amur leopard in Kedrovaya Pad zapovodnik/reserve in Land of the Leopard National Park. Everything was very well organized by Olga and her husband Vitaly, the transports, food, accomodation in Vlad. and in the photohide. She informed us how to  act to increase our chances and the journey was very informative. Every morning Olga was ready to receive our messages from the walkie talkie. The elusive subspieces of the common leopard did not walk down the week we stayed in the reserve and inside the hide, at least not enough time to beeing able to see her/him. The Panthera member had come down the first early morning and left the pugmarks in the snow. It took me four mini expeditions to  meet my first snow leopard and than I have seen more than 20 individuals so maybe I can return which I hope as I find this region of Russia very fascinating, with warm persons and hard flirting wild animals. I can warmly recommend Olga and her travel agency for all travelers.

Mr.Durga, India

I liked your hospitality. Thank you. You guys are awesome!

Mr.Martin Royle, the UK

Thanks for a great tour! I am very happy the way this all worked out, the leopard of course. But also the logistics, yourself and Vitaly, the food. It is all excellent.

Dr.Jens Krause, Germany

In mid-February 2018 I spent one week visiting Kedrovaya Pad Nature Reserve – a trip which was co-organized by Bohai Tour and Royle Safaris. Everything was very well organized with good accommodation and flexible options for different activities.

As a biologist I have a general interest in the fauna and flora of this region but the timing of this particular visit was chosen to maximize the chances of getting a glimpse of the rare Amur leopard. I was provided with access to an observation hide and had the option of spending time there or to explore the nature reserve more generally in the company of a ranger. I chose to spend my entire time at the hide to maximize my chances of seeing a leopard. The first one I saw was a female on the morning of day 4. She stayed only for a few minutes but I got beautiful views of her and had an opportunity to take photographs. On day 6, a male leopard turned up which spent the evening and indeed the whole night and next morning near the observation hide. I loved every minute of it.

In general it was challenging to spend this much time in a small hide and I didn’t see many other animals apart from a few bird species. However, the silence and solitude of that beautiful winter forest will stay with me for a long time. And I would like to thank Bohai Tours for introducing me to the wonders of the Primorye Region.


Safety issues and health insurance.
It is recommended to arrange Travel Health Insurance policy valid in Russia and covering the period of staying in Russia.  For your safety you need to be vaccinated against tick-borne encephalitis (if you are going to travel here in May-July). The period of time between your arrival here and a vaccination date must be one month or exceed 1 month. Groups are always accompanied by the experienced guides and instructors who perfectly know the details of route and peculiarities of the country side of the route; they are capable to render first aid as well. 24-hour security and medical staff are always available at the resort facilities. We also recommend you take a personal first aid kit, if you have any specific diseases.


We serve traditional Russian meals cooked from organic ingredients. If you are allergic to any kind of food; or you, for example, are a vegetarian, please inform us in advance, and we will prepare a personalized menu for you.

Air tickets.

Airport of entry to Primorsky krai is Vladivostok (VVO).  You shall book your air tickets yourself, but we -in return – may recommend you the shortest and most convenient itinerary from anywhere in the world.


Citizens of the most countries are required to arrange visas to Russia; you can obtain visa directly at a Russian Embassy or with a help of an intermediary company which is arranging Russian visas in your country. From our side we recommend you to arrange a tourist visa with the maximum 30 days period of stay in the Russian Federation.  You will need to get an invitation letter from us to arrange such visa, and then it will take you about 2 weeks to get your visa.

Age of participants.

The recommended age of participants is over 14 years old with an average level of physical training, since our tours assume long-distance hiking trips, as well as long in time driving tours to hardly accessible areas.


All transfers are performed by the comfortable Japanese off-road vehicles (cars or buses: it depends on a kind of tour and a number of tourists in a group) which are operated by the mature drivers with the great experience of driving on mountain and forest roads.

Tour reservation conditions and payment terms.

Tours are to be booked at least one month prior to the tour beginning date. 25% advanced payment of a tour cost shall be remitted to our bank account. Money may be remitted by Western Union or Money Gram as well.  The remaining amount shall be paid in cash on a day of arrival.

About us

“Bohai Tour” is a company of young and energetic people providing services on arrangement of ecological multi-day tours within Primorsky krai, which is the most distant corner of Russia.

Our mission is to develop ecological tourism within our native land, to discover unique natural objects and historical artifacts which could help to amaze even the most experienced travelers, and thereat to be environmentally conscious in preserving our wonderful ecological system.

We offer you:

Adventure tours.  We will show you our taiga, wildlife reserves, mountains, canyons, caves, waterfalls, seashores, our lovely secluded hamlets.  You will be able to watch the unique wildlife in their natural habitat. It is not a fenced safari-park. This is a real wild life! We can arrange a fishing trip for you where you will be able to catch fish using ancient fishing methods and cook your haul right away.  We can take you to a wildlife photo seekers tour with real hunters. During those trips you will enjoy following the hot tracks of savage dwellers. We will show you the wonderful world of colorful stones and minerals.

Accommodation at health resorts, at comfortable recreation facilities, and in farmsteads.

3 meals cooked from ecologically friendly products, in the best traditions of Old Russian cuisine cooking. All vegetables and cereals are grown at plentiful land of our native region.  Taiga grants us fish, small game and wild fowl, as well as healing herbs; and local farmers supply livestock products to us.

I-detox is a way to escape negative influence of civilization to your body and your emotional state, with a purpose to immerse yourself  into a world of pristine wilderness… for your rebirth and renewal. Poor communication and Internet infrastructure, a lack of negative thoughts… In tune with yourself … in tune with nature.

–  Healing springs, mineral and mud baths, classic Russian “banya” (wet sauna) with oak bath brooms; the crystal-clear fresh air, short sea trips – in other words – you will also enjoy nice revitalizing effect besides your adventure tour. Even the rivers endow with healing-powers here.

–  History. Amazing indigenous ethnic groups reside in our region – Udege and Tazy – the descendants of the great Jurchens. Nowadays their population is less than 2000 people, but they upheld their traditional way of life, ceremonies, and rituals, their life is in tune with the nature.  We will also acquaint you with our history of the Soviet Union Era period, and show you deserted buildings left behind  by the  Soviet Union.

Mysticism! Primorsky krai is a land of supernatural forces and shamanic rituals existing side by side withold chapels and orthodox churches. Right here the Paramount Pictures film studio was inspired by a fableon a flying man, and as a result they created the Hollywood Batman. The remains of the ancient Atlantes civilization were discovered here, and people often witness UFOs and “Big-foot” (Yeti) in our area.

Russian hospitality.  Russian people are glorious by their welcome especially in small lonely villages. Any traveler will be wined and dined, and put to sleep near warm Russian stove. A traveler will be also involved into a hearty conversation, and have a great chance to listen to Old Russian songs.  Everything is like 100-200 years ago. It is really extraordinary experience!

You are welcome! Experience the most memorable adventure in your life!

Contact us:

“Bohai Tour” (Cygnus LLC)
Address: 692919, Malinovskogo str. 1, Nakhodka, Primorsky region, Russian Federation

Tel. +7 914 0728554

Instagram: @wildrussiantour

Commercial Director Ms.Olga Krasnykh
General Director Mr.Vitaly Kozlov

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